DELTA Project Publications and Software

Image: Flock of Birds, Applied Topology © Henry Adams



  • H. Adams, M. Heim, C. Peterson. Metric thickenings and group actions, Journal of Topology and Analysis, 2020, accepted.
  • J. Mirth, Y. Zhai, J. Bush, E. G. Alvarado, H. Jordan, M. Heim, B. Krishnamoorthy, M. Pflaum, A. E. Clark, YZ, H. Adams. Representations of Energy Landscapes by Sublevelset Persistent Homology: An Example With n-Alkanes Journal of Chemical Physics, 2020, submitted. ArXiv: arXiv:2011.00918v1
  • H. Le, M. Guagliardo, A. Gorden, A. E. Clark Ensemble Effects of Explicit Solvation on Allylic Oxidation. Daltons Transactions, 2021, submitted. ChemRxiv. Preprint.


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